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[12 Jan 2006|07:00pm]

Hello I'm new. My name is Beth but my friends call me Deanna. I've love Jeremy since July 2004 and I still love him. <33


[04 Jan 2005|06:05pm]

<img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v223/rockhard3/jeremylovers.bmp">

[08 Aug 2004|07:38pm]

[ mood | excited ]

hi I just joined and I am new to this community thing so if some one can help me out and tell me what is going on here, that would be great oh here is one of my fave Jeremy pic if you wanna see it. hope you guys like it as much as I do!

isn't he so hott?
Lots of Love,

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[07 Mar 2004|05:54pm]

Hey Everybody!

I finally saw "Just a Dream" last night. That was a really cool movie. Jeremy was soooooo cute, but then again, when is he not cute? He looked so little! Oh, and his eyes, they looked like two big bright blue stars. I know that sounds really cheesy, but it's true. His eyes stand out more because his hair is shaved. But anyways it's a really cool movie, so if you ever get a chance to see it, watch it!
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[20 Feb 2004|06:59pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

wow I love this community... <33333

I just noticed, on the community info page, it says Jeremy's 5'10 . YAY he's TALLER THAN ME!!!! SCORE!!!! <33333 just by an inch though. lol

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[24 Jan 2004|10:58pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Hey Everybody!

I just got the Peter Pan soundtrack today! It's sooo pretty! My favorites on there is "Flying", "Fairy Dance", and "I Do Believe in Fairies" (which is kinda the same as "Flying") But anyways, the little booklet that comes with the cd has a couple of gorgeous pictures of Jeremy! Yeah, soooooooo it's a really cool soundtrack that every Peter Pan fan should have!

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[23 Jan 2004|05:43pm]

[ mood | confused ]

I really wanna start making icons...but i have absolutely NO idea how!!! can someone tell me how?

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Official Jeremy Sumpter Project [21 Jan 2004|11:16am]

Hey gals, I'm just joining..help me make this project a MASSIVE success!

I hate to post this again, but due to the lack of submissions we've gotten in so far, we might have to cancel the project. And of course, we don't want that to happen!

Well, the Official Project is a fan book. We want it to be massive, and so far we've not had that much of a response. If we don't get a considerable amount of submissions, we'll call off the book and tell Mark that it's off. And we don't want that to happen, so contribute and help make this book awesome.

What You Need to Know: Jeremy will REALLY see this book. His manager, Mark, has agreed to personally deliver it to him. The deadline is FEBRUARY 21st. We realize this is after his birthday - but it's a GENERAL fanbook.

You can choose to either snail mail something in, or e-mail it. E-mails can be sent here: JeremySumpterProject@hotmail.com

Snail mails can be sent here:

Kayla and K'lyssa
P.O. Box 801
Tahoka, Texas 79373

Also, if you'd like to include a small gift..something that would go in the box because it won't fit in the book, you're more than welcome to. However, if you do this please send in a few dollars to help pay for the additional weight the gift will add.

If you'd like to send in some money to help us make the book better, and to pay for supplies - that would be great. We're only teenagers, so any amount would be great. If you do this, Jeremy will be given a list of your names and it will be placed in the very front of the book.

If you have any further questions, send them to the e-mail listed above, or IM me on AIM: QuiDDitChxChiCk.

Let me stress that monetary contributions are greatly, greatly appreciated - but they are a complete option, and not a requirement in the least.
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heyyy [18 Jan 2004|10:10pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

yay i figuerd out how to join these things thank gosh for that . . if you people want i can post some great icons in here . . but thats only if you want some pictures to!! kk

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[18 Jan 2004|04:58pm]

Well, last night, I wrote a letter to Jeremy...here's the adress if anyone wants to write to him...but keep in mind that hes MINE!! haha!

Jeremy Sumpter
c/o Mark Robert Management
P.O. Box 1549
Studio City, CA 91614
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[18 Jan 2004|04:43pm]

Hey, I just joined this new We Love Jeremy community!! It's awesome:)

I personally love jacob smith more... but that's just me;)

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*HeY* [18 Jan 2004|04:06pm]

HeY!! I just joined this community!! i'm so excited!!! lol <33 Peace!!
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[17 Jan 2004|09:01pm]

[ mood | giddy ]

I decided to make this community considering I love him more than everyone else put together!

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