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yay i figuerd out how to join these things thank gosh for that . . if you people want i can post some great icons in here . . but thats only if you want some pictures to!! kk
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that would be AWESOME!!!! my friend jay haz would love them!!!!!!! <33
hey everyone I love Jeremy Sumpter so i decided this Community was perfect so i'm looking forward to talking to everyone a lot more
ICON WOULD BE GREAT!!!!!!! lol *just thought id let u know lol*
yeah, some icons would be awesome!!! woohoo!!
since you figured out how to join communities, do you think you can help me out by telling me how. i am a big Jeremy Fan and i wanna be part of this community. so can you help me? i don't have icons but i have alot of great pix if you wants some more!